Welcome to Libertyville Wellness Group
Located in Chicago's North Shore, Libertyville is a community of unsurpassed beauty. With its numerous lakes, forest preserves, trails and golf courses, residents are committed to making healthcare a priority and wellness a lifestyle. Libertyville Wellness Group is dedicated to enriching the lives of the people living in the surrounding area through its wellness care.

  Reasons People Consult Our Office:   What Our Clinic Offers:
Chronic Back, Neck Pain and Headaches Chiropractic Adjustments
Pain in Knees, Elbows, Wrists, Shoulders Exercise Therapy
Conditions Following an Accident or Injury Synergy Rehab
Maintenance and Prevention Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Natural Drug Free Health Care Muscle Therapy
Diet and Nutrition
Personalized Weight Loss Programs (click here to know more)

Whether you need pain relief or a wellness plan for increasing the overall quality of your health, Libertyville Wellness Group is the place to come. Our doctors are dedicated to providing personal care for every patient.

Call Libertyville Wellness Group at (847) 996-0007 today for your appointment. You don't need a referral from a medical doctor or anyone else to begin chiropractic care at our office. Our knowledgeable staff can field most questions over the telephone. If you want to explore a concern more privately, just ask for a consultation. Find out for yourself what living well-adjusted through chiropractic and wellness care is all about.

We offer convenient hours and are available to answer your questions by e-mail and phone. We accept all insurance as well as Medicare and have a great program for people without insurance.

Patient Testimony

Our mission is to help as many people as possible obtain a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic care.

Whether you are in pain from a new injury, chronic illness or simply want a wellness check on the condition of your spine, call us at Libertyville Wellness today and learn how chiropractic can help you.
“ developed terrible pain in my neck last year out of the blue. It was so bad that I could not look up or turn my head to the left. I went to my MD who told me that I had severe degeneration in my neck and would have to have surgery in 2 years or whenever I could not stand the pain. I tried Chiropractic as a last resort and because of the care I received from Dr. Brian and his staff, not only is my pain completely gone, but I have full range of motion in my neck and do NOT need surgery. Chiropractic saved me from surgery and gave me my life back. God bless Dr. Brian.”
Jessica H.
“I fell down the stairs and twisted my back. The pain was so bad that I could hardly walk and was out of work for a week. My wife said to go to Dr. Brian. He adjusted me and I walked out on my own two feet. I went back for more treatments and was back working normal hours in 2 days. I recommend Dr. Brian and his staff to everyone.”
Alex W.
“I was in a car accident resulting in whip lash, back pain and a dislocated knee. The ER doctor referred me to Dr. Brian for muscle therapy on my knee. I discovered a whole health approach to wellness care at his clinic. The exercise therapy and adjustments have helped me so much. I'm in better shape now than before my accident.”
Briana F.